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What Does a Nurse Do?

If you have ever been admitted to a hospital due to illness or injury, you probably remember the great comfort and emotional support offered by nurses. Nurses help to soothe patients’ pain, support recuperation under treatment, provide emotional care and assist medical treatment.

Real-World Needs

The fields in which nurses work are rapidly expanding in responding to the real-world needs. Nurses are called upon not only to treat ailments, but also provide care for the patient as a whole person, to help them live in as much comfort as possible. As such, nurses can be said to be a key part of team-based medicine. For example, nurses work to precisely understand each patient’s changes, conditions and desires, share these information with other relevant professionals, and assist medical treatment. Nurses are also active in such aspects of care as medical testing and rehabilitation, working alongside many other types of medical professional. Furthermore, nurses are sought after to provide peace of mind by promoting health, providing medical treatment and promoting social wellbeing throughout the community and even in-home.

In recent years, as a result of ongoing internationalization, the need for nursing of non-Japanese people living in Japan has increased. Through language skills as well as knowledge of history, religion, culture and customs, nurses must assist in ensuring that non-Japanese people are able to receive proper medical treatment.

Currently, there are approximately 954 thousand※ nurses working in Japan. The social significance of nurses only continues to grow.

※Data as of 2010, as Report on Public Health Administration and Services by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


About the Department of Nursing

In the Department of Nursing, by teaching theory, knowledge and technique while also cultivating students’ human qualities and sense of ethics, we strive to develop professionals who can contribute to health and medicine in the community. Through four years of study and training, students earn the right to take Japan’s national nursing certification examination. Students at the Nihon Institute of Medical Science have the opportunity to cultivate a broad educational base for their studies in nursing, encompassing the humanities and natural and social sciences. This is one of the unique merits of studying nursing at a university.

The Nihon Institute of Medical Science provides students with knowledge and theory as well as many opportunities to put what they have learned into practice, thus cultivating independent thinking and decision-making skills. We also emphasize team-based medicine. Students come to understand the functions and roles of other medical professionals, and are challenged to consider how best to work collaboratively. In addition, students can qualify to take the national certification examination to become a public health nurse※, a profession that focuses on maintaining and improving public health and sanitation.

※Students must complete special courses to be eligible to take the national public health nurse certification examination. These courses are optional and selective.