Team Medical Care Education/IPE

The Institute’s International Program

Initiatives to Combat Smoking

Department of Radiological

Radiological technologists provide radiological diagnostics and therapies that are essential to modern medical care. We focus on developing radiological technologists who possess cutting-edge expert knowledge and skills in step with the latest advances in medicine as well as the ability to offer emotional support to patients.

Department of Rehabilitation: Physical Therapy Course

The field of physical therapy is broad, encompassing sports-related and other areas. We strive to develop physical therapists who can meet diverse needs as part of a medical team by demonstrating responsibility, personal initiative and expertise.

Department of Rehabilitation: Occupational Therapy Course

Occupational therapists have recently been in the spotlight due to their role in creating barrier-free spaces throughout society. Using an educational environment that includes the latest facilities and equipment, we train occupational therapists who can offer therapeutic approaches that address both the body and mind.

Department of Nursing

Nurses today are active in an increasingly wide range of fields. We provide a broad education and a wealth of practical experience in order to train nurses who can fill an essential role in Team Medical Care and thus contribute to community health and medical care.

Department of Clinical Engineering

As medical equipment grows more sophisticated and complex, the role of capable clinical engineers is more important than ever. We strive to hone both expert knowledge and communication skills to develop clinical engineers who will be leaders in the field of clinical engineering technology.